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Jan 19, 2017 | backpack, Bags, laptop backpack, mens bags

Our favourite shop Assembly in the news again…

Last year we started opening wholesale accounts, with retailers that we knew we could grow with. In the process we discovered Anthony Hick at Assembly in Frome. You might not be able to make it out, but this article here in The Times¬†puts it much more graciously than I could, fundamentally the collections at Assembly are not only amazing in their own right, but each piece also has a great story to tell. It’s this story that Anthony knows his customers love, and this is half the reason he loves us dearly, as I promise him a story at least once a week.

It was nice to see the article in the paper this morning, but it’s even more exciting to see that from my end, my insistence on quality, history, design and pricing have been recognised by others…

Assembly carries ranges from:

Our range is always available in Assembly, here are some lovely pictures from the shop.

Traceability is of the utmost importance to Anthony Hick, the owner of the small menswear boutique Assembly in Frome, Somerset.

Anthony Hick

Assembly, Frome

Assembly in Frome, Somerset stocks an amazing range of British designed and made fashion and lifestyle products – all with a history and tale to tell. Assembly, St Catherine’s Hill, Frome, Somerset.

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