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Top 10 university tips

Top 10 Going to University Fashion Tips

Apr 5, 2017 | backpack, Bags, laptop backpack, travel, University

Top 10 University Hacks from the world of fashion.

Get packing your university backpack… We all had different experiences of University here at C + S towers, not all of us went, some of us went to a few, some of us did academically traditional subjects, others did not. We loved it, hated it and everything in between – so without further a do here are 10 top tips for surviving university…

1. Get your student bank accounts opened before you go – get the largest overdraft possible.
2. If it’s free grab it, go to it. Drag your new friends along, you will find lots of new things. YOU WILL ENJOY!
3. Think about food, find your nearest Aldi or Lidl – share a taxi home with your shopping. Budgets don’t mean not spending money, just spend wisely.
4. Get a bike. It can be shared with house mates, it should be nearly disposable – spend 20 quid at most.
5. Ditch any and all subscriptions. Including boyfriends/girlfriends. Harsh, but get it done.
6. Your lecturers are humans, speak to them, get to know them. You will benefit in many ways – beyond deadline extensions, lecturer contacts and introductions are worth their weight in gold. They will remember you, not the shit grade you got that one time.
7. Don’t buy any books until you find you can’t survive without them – don’t buy any books in advance… you will get the wrong one.

8. *coughs and points* Buy at least one good quality backpack. You won’t have a car, you will be transporting everything about your person – you need a backpack that’s strong, can take a knock, wont fall apart at the sign of stress. Your life is on your back.

9. Do non student activities. Don’t become blinded by all the university has to offer. Explore the local area, visit… it’s a new town/city/country find your own secrets away from the student haunts.
10. Phone home once a week.

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I learned everything I know in prison!!! *coughs

Always pay your rent. Walk everywhere, you’ll see so much, say yes to everything. Free stuff is the best, pasta is your friend, eat really well once a week.


Shop Boy, Assembly, Frome

Take a sleeping bag and a suitcase. That’s all I had in the army. Mel

Delivery Boy, Cora + Spink

Take a nice pillow and bedding, comforting in times of being home sick. Remember it’s only three years, or four. It’ll be worth it in the end. Jo

Marketing, Instagram

It’s going to happen, if you like it or not, but don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Staying up all night to do assignments with a stinky hangover is not good. Help avoid complete melt down and give yourself the time you need.


Head Honcho, Reef, Worcester

What a snakebite and black is… How to bugger for bills..

At this point we gave up and let him go -ed.


Don’t buy books – if that’s even a thing – they’re always available in the library if you’re early enough and you will soon find out you only need one, which you can photocopy. Get a bike, but no matter what, don’t pay more than 20 quid for it. Say yes to everything, don’t stay in, phone home once a month. Tim

Washer upper, Cora + Spink

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Ayesha

Photographer + Stylist, Instagram

Don’t get wound up in your studies – enjoy them. Have fun, don’t chase grades.

But make sure you make real connections, get work experience – in shops and bars, with independent designers… in summer get longer placements with established businesses, especially the big names, Arcadia, Next, H&M, ASOS etc. Build these connections early.


Washer Upper, Cora + Spink

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