Backpacks + Bags is Cora + Spink

We weave the 24 ounce canvas, tan the leather, cast the hardware, cut and triple stitch each panel by hand to make the best bags you will ever carry. When you need a bag, backpack or duffle for the commute to work, travel or studies and you need that bag to last, we have that bag for you.

15 days out in England, Scotland & Wales

We often forget what an Isle we live on, 15 days out in England, Wales and Scotland.

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Traveling to Los Angeles for backpack inspiration

What we learned in LA – won’t stay in LA! Travel helps us build on ideas, face situations that can be helped, and meet new people with new ideas. Here’s what we’ve been learning…

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First impressions – What’s on your shoulder

Bags for the office? Your backpack is a key piece of real-estate on your body for making the right first impression. Read our guide to how best to hack your style with a good Cora + Spink bag.

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Guide to buying backpacks

What ever you want a bag for, be that travel, work or weekends away you need to know what’s right for you… our simple guide shows you what goes into each Cora + Spink backpack and bag.

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Top 10 Going to University Fashion Tips

Going to university is fantastic, here’s our top 10 going to university tip and tricks. Thinking about what bag to buy for university? Well, we cover that too – best bags for university, best money saving tips and more.

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Pushing to go that one step further…

The journey is always exciting… working with amazing people from all over the world to bring you these backpacks and bags. Part of our travels is meeting our customers… here are a few recent reviews.

Really Helpful – very quick to respond to my questions and then pulled all the stops out to ensure that the bag I ordered arrived on time. The Bag is absolutely great too! Would 100% recommend!


River bag: I’ve found it difficult to find a bag that enables me to carry my MacBook Pro and accessories this bag can hold everything I need from my freelance design work. The strap distributes the weight well and have used it on other bag as it more confutable


5 JAN 2017

Great bags – stylish and a little quirky. I love them. Best of all the is the FANTASTIC customer service. I managed to tear off a handle (long story and entirely my fault…) and Tim responded immediately with a replacement. Just about to buy my third model.

Pete R.

Bishop Bag – It came on Christmas Eve, Perfect! It’s frickn’ awesome! This is seriously the coolest backpack on earth and very well made. My sweetie needed a backpack badly so, I ordered this as a Christmas gift and he LOVES it!

Sarah L.

I’ve recently bought a ‘Harry’ backpack and I love it. It’s a stylish design and big enough for my laptop, books and other bits and bobs. Delivery was quick and the customer service was great too. Thanks!

Jane W.

This bag can hold everything I need from my freelance design work including laptops and accessories. The strap distributes the weight well and have used it on other bag as it more confutable. This bag is also very good for caring DSL cameras and lenses.


5 JAN 2017

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