Words we set in virtual stone many moons ago – but stand by them today. We only make bags.

Cora + Spink

Cora + Spink specialises in practical hard wearing and functional bags, fashion and lifestyle products.

Cora + Spink, founded by Tim Johnson has taken the concept of the developing the perfect everyday bag to the next level. Utilising age old textile mill technology with modern construction methods, responsive and creative designs come to life using vibrant colours and simple design. Each product has a story.

2016 has seen huge developments for Cora + Spink, with a new team here in the UK, new facilities in Kolkata India and more time spent in Hermosa Beach, California. The new ranges shout happiness and vibrancy whilst adding more practicality with padded laptop sections, RFID protection and more.

This new website has been upgraded and now offers the full range of Bags and accessories, whilst Cora + Spink has started to appear on the high street across the UK and America.

You the customer are what makes this wonderful small business thrive.

Customer comments

It’s amazing that customers manage to find this small section of the web to buy our bags, as we grow so do the comments, feedback and reviews we get… thank you to all of you! If you’d like to leave us a message to be featured here just let us know. Here are some from google reviews:

5 out of 5 stars

Ordered for Brother-in-law for Christmas and they’re spot on. Inimitable customer service – they didn’t have the colours I asked for so I received a message within minutes of ordering letting me know what colours I could have, with photos to remind me of the colours. Received the items within days of ordering. Excellent.

22oz Waxed canvas – Bishop Bag – Red

It came on Christmas Eve, Perfect! It’s frickn’ awesome! This is seriously the coolest backpack on earth and very well made. My sweetie needed a backpack badly so, I ordered this as a Christmas gift and he LOVES it!

3 Pairs of Bamboo Duck socks! The Norton Sock wear it casual or smart.

 Superb sox – just adore the duck design and bamboo to boot! Thanks.
Fabulous! I bought this bag from Tim because he told me to! Buy one! They are great! He paid me to say this.

Morning…my partner ordered a bag from you yesterday afternoon which has just arrived. Wow! Beautifully wrapped and… Posted by Gayle Andrews on Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bought a ‘Gone Fishing’ Messenger from their Etsy store: beautiful fabric, nice details, not too big or too small, and at a great price. And it was a pleasure dealing with the owners.

3 Pairs of Bamboo Duck socks! The Norton Sock wear it casual or smart.

 Fabulous product and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend this etsy shop

Bought the red fisherman’s bag, and I love it! Decent weight cotton canvas, fine stitching on the leather trim [makes the bag last longer] and a heavy cotton webbing strap. Well-made with reinforced rivets [stamped with a duck!] and a good set up inside: -two outside pockets with sturdy snaps – inside compartment with iPad sleeve, and a nice heavy weight zipper All of this is covered by the flap, so it’s easy to get in and grab stuff, and it still stays dry.

The best thing, the thing that made me order was the size: I’d call it a “small messenger” bag – big enough for a manila folder, books, or a change of clothes. Just the right size if you’re not really a bike messenger! May look at other bags…

Nick will be wearing his bamboo shoots in Northamptonshire tomorrow night xx

Wank sock, love it! Do you sell them singularly? Just the head, you know it should be a chicken though!!
I like these, they are cool – I bet they don’t come in a size 4 for my dwarf feet? May have to put these on the other half’s Xmas list

Waxed canvas backpack – Harry Sack – GREY

Exactly as described – great colour and well made. Love it.

Dont you just love it when you get treats in the post! Thank you Tim ?… Stop selling my socks to other people damn it!!!

3 Pairs of Bamboo Duck socks!

 Bought as a gift so have no idea of the quality of the item, but am impressed by their appearance. Prompt delivery.

…arrived yesterday from USPS, I missed the van in the morning but was able to fetch the package in the afternoon. My son hes wanted this bag since he showed me on etsy the last week, so we got him the large red one with the strap and now we have the 2. The new one is better for him for now!


Bags. Bags. Oh glorious bags. Most of us have to use them. Some of us choose to use them. We make them.


Produce the perfect everyday bag, for work, school and play. A bag that meets the needs that we face everyday. A bag that looks good in all situations. A bag designed for modern living, a doffed cap to the past with a foot firmly in tomorrow. A bag that can carry things. A bag for the commute. A bag for work and a bag for the pub. A bag that you forget you have. A bag made to last and grow.

Simple | Strong | Rugged

Three elements that drive us, and form the ethos of the business. It covers how we design, construct, manufacture, deliver, service, employ, manage and run not only our business but our lives too.


We’re a bit different. Starting at the very beginning and not stopping. We go right back to start of each supply chain and find out what we can do from there. Sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes we will make contact with a supplier that is trying out something new for the first time and we become involved. Other times we make contact with people completely uninvolved with the textile/fashion industry who lead us along a different path. We work with eyes wide open; open and willing to try new ideas and ways of doing things. The adventure is always just starting. Working with this spirit we are able to achieve a standard way above and beyond what one would expect of a small company.


Simple doesn’t mean easy. Strong doesn’t mean uncaring. Rugged doesn’t mean cheap.

Why climb a mountain? Setting ourselves a challenge to produce bags that others would struggle to make at twice the price really was the only one reason, to push boundaries and ideas – to go where no one else dared tread. To pioneer against what many thought impossible, to make a product that truly stands out on it’s own. That’s why.

After the initial phase of launch our customers are the ones that help drive us – they are part of the motivation that drives us to produce better, bolder and stronger designs, to push our reach and goals.

The reality is why not, we wanted to produce world class bags – and we are. Design and direction may change, but our ethos of being the best whilst maintaining simplicity, strength and ruggedness will forever be in our hearts. We are far from the largest. But we are supremely unique in everything we do.

An interview with Tim Johnson – Design Director Cora + Spink

Q&A With Tim Johnson Owner Founder of Cora + Spink | Men’s Bags